Discover the city famous for its rice fields, but also for its artistic works. Dwell in Piazza Cavour, a natural pole of city attraction, make a balance at the neoclassical Duomo, admire the splendor of the Synagogue of one of the most important Italian Jewish communities and photograph the very particular skyline of the city, full of civil towers, including – without a doubt – the Torre dell’Angelo is worth a visit.

An important road junction, in Roman times it was known with the name of “Vercellae” and was described by Tacitus as one of the “firmissima Municipia” [7] of the Transpadana.

From the fourth century it became the first diocese as well as a center for the propagation of Christianity throughout the region at the initiative of Eusebius. A free municipality in the Middle Ages, this was a period of great artistic and cultural splendor for the city [8], so much so that the Studium [9], the first subalpine university, was built there in 1228.

In modern times the cultivation of rice began in its territory: the activities concerning the cultivation, experimentation and trade of rice still represent the basis of the local economy, so much so as to be worth the title of Italian and European capital [10] of this cereal [11].

And for a coffee break in the center, the delicious Bicciolani biscuits will make your day in Vercelli more pleasant and sweet!

The entrance to the historic center requires the payment of a toll at the gates located along the path of the center. More information on the official website of the municipality of Vercelli:

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