Enjoy a good local wine or an indigenous sparkling wine, after a day spent in the streets of the city admiring the architectural beauties, including the Piazza Medici, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with the Red Tower, or visit the 14 districts that make up the city.

Certainly you cannot miss a nice dish of Bagna Cauda, ​​a poor local specialty dating back to the Middle Ages, still today prepared according to the original recipe. A week before the Palio d’Asti – which emulates the very famous Palio di Siena – the city hosts a gastronomic festival organized by the Pro Loco that attracts hundreds of gluttonous visitors!

Asti was built by the Romans (with the name of Hasta), although the first real foundation is to be traced back to Ligurian populations who, previously, had planted a village right in the area corresponding to the current city.

Some sections of the ancient walls are still present in the northern part of the city, and during the 20th century excavation work revealed another section of the Roman wall in the city center.

There is no entrance ticket to the city, but tourist vehicles can only stop in some designated areas, which can be consulted on the official website of the astense mobility:

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